Urban signage

InterSignal has developed its own signage standards for urban environments (free-standing signs, twin poles, signposts, information and services signs, street signs, display windows etc). We offer several product ranges in steel, aluminium, stainless steel and Corten steel. Our engineering department can be consulted about designing personalised signage.

Parks and gardens signage

We offer you a set of products designed for parks, gardens, squares and green spaces. We have several ranges of metal and wooden products designed to guide and inform the public: welcome signs and maps of parks and gardens, signposts, way markers, arboretum information signs, information panels, direction signs. Our products are designed to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. Our products are long-lasting and easy to maintain, as they are made from fit for purpose materials. If our standards fail to meet your expectations, our engineering department can design personalized signage. Please feel free to consult us.

Nature signage

InterSignal puts all of its extensive experience at your disposal for your outdoor signage projects. Apart from helping you to choose materials, we provide advice and the skills of our graphic designers so that educational or interactive content can be created. We put to good use all of our information signage design know-how and skills. Walks or hikes in natural environments are an opportunity to showcase local fauna and flora and to raise the general public’s awareness about protecting them.

Map graphic design

Heritage site signage

InterSignal specializes in heritage information and historical signage. We offer a wide range of bespoke heritage showcasing options suited to villages, small towns and big cities alike. Heritage signage is a key tool for developing tourism in a local area. It showcases local small heritage sites, architecture, know-how, traditions and people. Heritage signage is aimed at tourists and local people who can ‘reclaim’ their local history. Heritage signage can be stand-alone or designed to form a trail. We use quality materials with a lifespan of over 10 years. These materials are also perfectly suited to historic monument, battleground and place of remembrance signage.

Panoramic maps

InterSignal is a specialist manufacturer of enamelled lava stone panoramic maps. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes. If so required, we can do a location check, have photographs taken and get an anamorphic image and water colour painting of the landscape produced. Enamelled lava stone panoramic maps are perfectly suited to being located outdoors for several decades.

Tourist attraction signage

InterSignal designs and manufactures information boards and signage for a large number of tourist attractions (such as theme parks, historic sites, archaeological sites, leisure parks, golf courses, campsites etc). Many site owners and managers entrust Intersignal with the task of designing and manufacturing their signs. Our team takes on board your expectations and is a source of new ideas, as we have a real understanding of the tourism and leisure sectors. We make products that are tailored to each site. We ensure that we strike the right balance between client expectations and visitor usage. We can manufacture bespoke signage which fits perfectly with your theme or particular environment. All you need to do is request a study.

Museum exhibition and stage design signage

InterSignal offers you its stage design, museum exhibition, and permanent and temporary exhibition signage production expertise. Are you a stage designer or a designer? We will study your project and suggest several technical options. We can offer you our extensive expertise, ranging from 3D design to production and installation. We offer a wide range of technical options for formats and media alike. All you need to do is request more information.

Campsite, golf courses and leisure signage

Discover a full range of panels, bilboards and other signage products specialy designed for campsites, golf courses, swimming pools, beaches and leasure camps. Improve your facilities and image. Personnalize your equipments. Secure your playground areas and installations.
You are looking for custom-made signage? We can design and manufacture those products.