Signposting, directing, guiding and informing….

InterSignal designs and manufactures signage primarily for local authorities. We are signage experts and manufacturers and we offer you our experience in urban signage, way marking, arboretum signage, outdoor signage, information signage, discovery trails, footpaths, tourist attraction signage, panoramic maps, indoor signage and museum exhibition signage.

Our standards

InterSignal has developed its own top-quality signage standards so as to truly meet the needs of local authorities and businesses, making our signs benchmarks in the marketplace.

Our catalogues and brochures can be downloaded in PDF format. Please contact us to obtain your password.


We make signs for the urban environment, heritage sites, parks and gardens, the natural environment, arboretums, panoramic maps, road and path markers, signposts, business parks etc

Billboards and free-standing signs

4, 8 and 12m² signs, free-standing signs, metallic letters, banners

Display equipment

Display windows, boards, panels, Vit’clac display frames, lit display cases, poster display cases.


Signposts, sign poles and directional arrows.

Displays, display stands and POS display products

Bespoke panels, flip boards, clocks, slates and boards for POS and indoor signage.

Bespoke solutions

Do you have a specific project in mind? We will conduct a technical evaluation of your project based on your requirements (design, materials, functionality etc) and will provide an initial budget for your signage.