Signage displays

Metal work


Digital printing

Inkjet digital printing enables variable data documents (all of which are different) to be reproduced on demand or in short print runs. Continuous printing shortens printing turnaround times. This means that you can easily and quickly update your information panels and documents. Digital printing has numerous applications (panels, posters, covering, POS). We offer digital printing on a wide range of formats (3M, Ferrari, Kodak etc) for indoor and outdoor applications. Our assembly workshop undertakes the task of affixing the printed media to the format being used (PVC, aluminium, Dibond and Plexiglas panels, among others).

Enamelled lava

InterSignal has its own lava stone enamelling workshop. We have been manufacturing enamelled lava panels for more than 30 years. Volvic lava stone panels are cut up, shaped and enamelled by our artisan enamellers. We offer a wide range of original colours making for unique designs. Enamelled lava stone is a fantastic product and its natural qualities – its UV, frost and shock resistance – are real plus points. Our craftsmen screen printers reproduce your texts, illustrations, photos, water colours or drawings in a selection of colours or in full colour. We are able to produce very large enamelled lava panels from a single slab. Please feel free to contact us about all of your projects, even the most daring ones!

Enamelled stoneware

InterSignal screen prints all types of designs on enamelled sandstone. We offer several types of premium sandstone. Enamelled sandstone panels are cut using water jet technology before being printed. Our artisan screen printers then reproduce your text, illustration, photos, water colours or drawings in a selection of colours or in full colour.

Enamelled glass

Enamelled glass is a fantastic material for producing original signboards. Our extensive knowledge of the technical properties of glass and our screen printing expertise enable us to create highly complex designs. Our artisan screen printers reproduce your text, illustration, photos, water colours or drawings in a selection of colours or in full colour.

High pressure laminate

Melamine laminate or Stratimage is an ideal product for locations that are at high risk of vandalism. Melamine laminate panels are highly resistant and are manufactured using a phenolic paper sheet laminating process. Inkjet digital printing is used to create the design. A transparent resin protects the signage against UV and rainwater damage. Melamine laminate is a great alternative to traditional digital printing on sites that have to contend with major vandalism.

Engraving and cutting

Information display cases

InterSignal distributes Procity® indoor and outdoor display windows and cases. The emphasis is placed on modernity, originality and effectiveness for indoor windows. Security, simplicity and flexibility are the watchwords for outdoor windows. All the range’s outdoor products boast the following advantages: an integrated and hard-wearing hinge that will keep its shape, a security lock, protected display area, lock attached to the door section and not the glass, and automatic outwards pressure makes for easy opening (swing doors). Replaceable and reversible door – no tools are required and the window does not need to be removed. Anti-condensation vents and waterproof seal.

Bronze casting

Cast bronze is a noble product used for sculptures and in the technical sector and shipbuilding. We manufacture signs, street studs and way markers in cast bronze which can be fixed to the ground or walls. Text and drawings are engraved or embossed in accordance with your wishes. We offer several different finishes. Please feel free to consult us.

Braille & Image

Braille&Image™ is an innovative concept created by our engineering department and aimed at the visually-impaired. Texts, images and Braille itself are reproduced together on signs without any changes to content and without it affecting the reading experience of sighted people. We offer a wide range of matching hues making for colourful original designs.

Image walls and Cigogne Display banner systems

InterSignal distributes image wall and Cigogne display tensioned banner systems. Cigogne display was created by Christophe Gillet and is an innovative concept designed to enhance exhibitions, stands and events. Discover the four generations of Cigogne products:

DL600/800: The most flexible Cigogne product, ranging from a simple free-standing sign to exhibition signage.
750: The easiest to transport and most affordable product, the 750 offers different banner formats and comes in a curved version.
300: The most creative option, with its mini bespoke banner stands and display units.
Basic: Ideal for museums: top-end exhibition and reception display units.

Edging for paths and landscaping

Nature by Jean-Pierre Brazs

InterSignal is the exclusive distributor for Jean-Pierre Brazs’ Nature designs. The aesthetic qualities of this artist’s original designs will captivate you. Designed to enhance public landscaped areas (gateways to towns, roundabouts, urban parks, racecourses etc); these nature walls can be manufactured in thermo-coated steel, thermo-coated stainless steel, mirror-polished steel or Corten steel. All you need to do is request an artistic and technical study.

Street furniture

InterSignal distributes the Procity® range of urban equipment. Our range provides a varied choice of steel and aluminium products for urban developments, roads, public spaces and protection: bollards, posts, barriers, bus shelters, bike stands, benches, planters and litter bins.

Temporary signage and safety equipment

InterSignal distributes a comprehensive range of temporary signage products for building sites and safety equipment for local authorities, leisure parks, theme parks, campsites, golf courses etc.

We provide plastic and memory shape signage, temporary signage, speed bumps, road markings, ground protection equipment, safety mirrors etc.